WD96140DE Washing-drying machine


Washing-drying machine
Capacity: 1-9 kg Spin speed: 1,400 rpm Energy class: A Electricity consumption kWh/cycle: 1.4 kWh


9 kg XXL load

New Gorenje washing machines with remarkable capacity of 9-kilograms are masters of efficiency and economy, yet with a gentle touch. Washing machine with the largest drum volume among the 9-kilogram models in the market is still within standard dimensions and will therefore fit any home. It can handle much more laundry at a time; in addition, laundry can be of different colours and fabrics. Larger door opening will allow you to easily load big items that you may not have been able to wash at home before. Advanced program options and other modern solutions will make sure the machine is an excellent choice also for washing smaller amounts of laundry. Therefore, the ever efficient use of water, energy and time will make Gorenje's new 9-kilogram washing machines an excellent choice for large and small households. Heavy duty, flexible, economical, and reliable!
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QuickWet: intensive soaking system

Extremely fast laundry wetting and shorter programme duration
QuickWet intensive soaking system allows introducing water, combined with the detergent, into the drum simultaneously from the bottom and the top of the drum. Thus, the laundry is soaked sooner and washing programme is shorter which saves power.


Zero danger of flooding
The safety system automatically shuts off the water supply to the hose and the machine in case of a leak to prevent flooding. The pump automatically pumps out the remaining water from the drum into the discharge hose. Thus, the washing machine can be left to operate unsupervised, without any fear of flooding. High-end models feature a special sensor installed at the bottom of the washing machine. In case of a leak, the sensor will immediately cut off the supply of water into the appliance.
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Stability control

Machine stability during operation
Stability control system will make sure the load is distributed evenly in the drum. If the stability control sensor perceives an imbalance, drum rotation will be stopped to allow more even redistribution of the laundry.

Technical details

Energy class: A

Capacity: 1-9 kg

Dryer load: 1-7 kg


Maximal drying time: 270 min

Spin speed: 1,400 rpm

Capacity: 1-9 kg

Dryer load: 1-7 kg

Loading position: Front

Drum volume: 59 l

Door opening angle: 140 °

3/4" Cold water connection

Type of display: LED display

Temperature setting

Cold wash: Knob

Start delay: 12 h

14 programmes

Programmes: Cotton, Synthetics, Easy care, Wool, HandWash

Special programmes: Easy ironing


Easy ironing

Skip spin

Temperature setting


Extra rinsing

Low temperature option




Electric heater


4-D soaking

Showering + JET system

Partial AquaStop

Overflow protection

Lockable control panel

Door lock: Electronic

Carbotech tub

Estimated annual energy consumption: 11,400 l

Noise level washing: 41 dB(A)re 1 pW

Noise level drying: 47 dB(A)re 1 pW

Noise level spinning: 64 dB(A)re 1 pW

Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 85 × 64.5 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 66 × 88.5 × 74 cm

Net weight: 72 kg

Gross weight: 75 kg

Connection rating: 2,100 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Product code: 403714

EAN code: 3838942830105


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