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Iron FLOWER POWER with NANOtech soleplate – the best textile gliding

The iron has a new and advanced NANOtech soleplate. Because of low friction and optimal gliding you get high ironing results with every type of textile.
The main advantages are in high hardness, scratch resistance and easy cleaning. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

Irons are available in three colours.

Aqua meter

No more need for distilled water
Gorenje irons feature a special water hardness indicator. Combined with the rest of the system, it enables filling your flatiron with regular tap water instead of distilled water. Thus, the initial stage is made easier and the iron can be used even when you have run out of distilled water.

Auto shut off

Leaving your iron unattended? No problem.
Auto shut off works in three different ways. If you leave the iron placed horizontally on the surface or if it falls sideways, it will shut off automatically after 30 seconds. If the iron is turned on, but not used for a while and placed vertically, it will turn off automatically after 8 minutes. When you move the iron, a sensor will detect this and reactivate the iron.

All-way auto shut-off

Naše pegle znaju se same pobrinuti za deo sigurnosti. Ako se uključena pegla ne koristi neko vreme, a potavljena je vertikalno ili sa strane, pegla će se sama isključiti nakon određenog vremena. Odmah, čim se pegla pomeri i senzor to prepozna, uključiće se ponovo.

Easy filling

Straight from the tap
Filling a Gorenje iron is super easy. There is an opening on the back of the iron for easy and economical filling of water directly from the tap.

Easy filling

Iron enables you an easy filling.
Iron enables you an easy filling. On the back of the iron is an opening for easy and economic filling of water directly from the tap.

Full Steam

Steam ironing
Steam power can be adjusted in levels. For even more efficient ironing, there is also a function to deliver a powerful blast of steam that helps remove stubborn creases. It also enables vertical ironing with the use of steam, which is useful for removing creases from hanging clothes and curtains.