SVI6B Multi-purpose cooker

Multi-purpose cooker SVI6B

Heater power: 550 W Cooking time settings for customization Removable cover for easy cleaning


Icon - Fine dining

Fine dining

In the comfort of your own home
The value of sous-vide cooking is something only a food perfectionist can appreciate. One of the finest techniques, up to now used exclusively by fine restaurants, has now been brought to your home. Sous-vide is perfect for preparing all kinds of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit and desserts. Gorenje now brings this amazing culinary process to homes around the world, thanks to its brand new sous-vide cooker. Take a look into the exciting world of fine dining at home.
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Icon - Soft Meat

Soft Meat

For deliciously tender bites
Sous vide cooker is a professional appliance for cooking meat to perfect tenderness. Sous vide will make wonders for meat, making it extra soft and smooth; after cooking in the sous vide cooker, the meat only needs to be quickly grilled or seared for mouth-watering results. Thus, it is possible to prepare a perfect beefsteak at home, while chicken, fish and pork will taste much better as well.
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Icon - Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Keeping it under control
The secret of sous vide preparation is in precisely set temperature. The food is cooked in controlled conditions and all you need to do is follow the chart with ideal preparation temperature and time for each type of food.
Icon - Top Safety

Top Safety

Relax & enjoy
Food cooked in Gorenje sous-vide cookers is perfectly safe to use even up to 3 weeks after preparation. Therefore, you are able to prepare a large amount of food, refrigerate it and finish the preparation after a couple of days.
Icon - Vacuum Seal

Vacuum Seal

Keeping the food tasty and healthy
Any kind of food prepared in a sous vide cooker has to be vacuum sealed in a special zip bag or by using a bag sealer prior to cooking. Thus, water does not touch the food and more vitamins and minerals are preserved. We recommend a Gorenje sealer that makes a perfect match with a sous-vide cooker.
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Technical details

Heater power: 550 W

Volume: 6 l

Removable cover for easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Simple electronic control

Cooking time settings for customization

Automatic power-off

Heater power: 550 W

Dimensions (W×H×D): 40 × 23 × 30 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 42 × 33.5 × 25.7 cm

Net weight: 4.4 kg

Gross weight: 4.8 kg

Product code: 443114

EAN code: 3838942982972


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