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New generation of built-in steam ovens
Cooking is an enormously complex process. Here many different things happen and countless circumstances collide. It takes a lot of scientific knowledge and years of development to come up with features and functions that are able to treat food not only as a robust energy source but also as a delicate source of vitamins, minerals, fibres and, of course, smells, tastes and pleasures. Gorenje combi ovens thus include a promise of healthy food, food made with respect for all its valuable ingredients and with a focus on the needs of the body. Gorenje steam ovens include standard and compact models.


No water, just steam
Gorenje combi steam ovens feature an excellent steaming performance that produces steam without any drops of water. Gorenje steam ovens are completely free from water in the oven cavity, thanks to the steam generator which extracts water from steam, leaving it completely clean. A cloud of pure steam is distributed all over the oven, without any drops of water that could spoil the food, making it soggy. It is also perfect for defrosting since warm steam evenly surrounds the food without creating hot spots.

MultiSteam 360°

A holistic approach to steaming
The same ventilation system used in conventional ovens, MultiFlow 360˚, is used in steam ovens. After the steam enters the oven cavity through multiple openings, a special fan distributes the steam evenly, giving the food a soft and tender feel. One water tank is enough for the entire cooking process so no additional opening of the oven is needed, saving time and energy and improving the overall steaming results.
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Water at hand
The large, practical and elegant water tank is easily accessible and can be refilled even during the cooking process, without ever interrupting it. The 1.3l tank is smartly positioned for easier handling and designed to offer more space and prevent spilling. The capacity is sufficient for the longest steaming programmes. It can be easily dismantled and cleaned in the dishwasher.
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Evenly reheated or defrosted
Combi steam oven can be used to reheat or defrost dishes. When the food is reheated, it is not additionally cooked, and it never dries out. Defrosting is uniform and gentle enough not to alter the structure of the food. Therefore, defrosting and reheating in a combi steam oven is simply healthier.
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Limescale is not a problem
The descaling function operates automatically. When needed, it reminds the user to run the descaling process. After a special descaling solution is added, it takes only 1 hour to complete the process.

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