GCW751ST Gas on glass ceramic

Gas on glass ceramic GCW751ST

Gas on glass ceramic Dimensions (W×H×D): 75 × 11.1 × 52 cm Safety function Protected gas burners


Icon - High Efficiency Burners

High Efficiency Burners

Demand the highest efficiency
Significantly improved gas burners provide up to 10% more efficient gas consumption.
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Wok Burner

Impress your guests with an eastern touch
The wok burners reach a high heat very quickly, making Asian style cuisine and meals in big pots easy.

Technical details

Black / Chrome

High efficiency burners

Wok triple burner

One-hand ignition device for hob

1 auxiliary burner + 1 large burner + 2 normal burners + 1 wok burner
Left front: Ø 6.7 cm, 1.75 kW,
Right front: Ø 4.3 cm, 1 kW,
Left rear: Ø 6.7 cm, 1.75 kW,
Right rear: Ø 9.7 cm, 3 kW,
Center: Ø 13.44 cm, 3.8 kW

Type of pan support: Cast iron grid

Wok triple burner

Wok burner

Enclosed nozzles: Gas nozzles G30/30 liquid gas

Enclosed nozzles: Gas nozzles G20/13 natural gas

Safety function

Gas control

Gas type: G20/20 natural gas

Connector type: AC 230V

Dimensions (W×H×D): 75 × 11.1 × 52 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 90 × 13 × 59 cm

Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 72 × 7 × 48 cm

Net weight: 19 kg

Gross weight: 21 kg

Connected load: 11,300 W

Product code: 499606

EAN code: 3838942052934



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