MO4250CLG Freestanding microwave oven

Freestanding microwave ovenMO4250CLG

Manual control Number of infra heaters: 1 Dimensions (W×H×D): 45.5 × 28.9 × 36.1 cm



Perfect microwave distribution technology.
360°StirTechnology is the perfect microwave distribution technology. The microwaves are directed to the area below the ceramic plate on the bottom of the oven activity, from where they are evenly dispersed upwards into the interior. As they pass through the bottom, they can penetrate the food more effectively and from all sides, which renders rotating the food unnecessary. Thus, the food is cooked faster and the results are delicious.
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Innovative microwave distribution.
Owing to the innovative microwave distribution, the oven no longer needs the conventional turntable. A special ceramic plate covers the entire cavity bottom which leaves more space, allowing you to cook several dishes simultaneously.


Easy cleaning everytime.
The smooth surface of the ceramic plate in the bottom of the oven cavity makes cleaning a breeze. All you need is a damp cloth.

Microwave / Grill

Advantages of microwaves and grill
Combine the advantages of microwaves and grill to experience entirely new dimensions of cooking. You will be impressed by faster cooking of smaller chunks of meat, pizzas, and other dishes that have to be cooked and crisped to perfection.

Technical details

Gorenje Classico Collection

Colour: Gold

Door opening: Hinge on left side

Microwave power: 700 W

Dimensions (W×H×D): 45.5 × 28.9 × 36.1 cm

Dimensions of packed product (W×H×D): 52.5 × 33 × 41 cm

Net weight: 12.2 kg

Gross weight: 13.2 kg

Consumption in standby mode: 0.5 W

Connected load: 1,080 W

Nominal current of fuse: 10 amp

Product code: 504511

EAN code: 3838942055959


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